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Finding matching word type in suggestion

I am experiencing a problem when looking op the right alternative for forms of the verb ‘aanwenden’.
Aanwenden is the infinitive as well as the past tense of the verb aanwennen. When in the reverse lookup multiple hits are present, is the first postag found is used, right? That is a challenge…

Can you clarify what you want to achieve? I don’t quite get you.

The verb is ‘vermaken’. When I use ‘inflection=“yes”’ to match this verb, one of the forms matched is ‘vermaakt’. There are 2 tags for this word, VB3 ( hij vermaakt) and VBp (het is vermaakt).
Now when I want to suggest an alternative that matches, it is unclear what is the result for the match, the VB3 form of the other verb, or the VBp form.
I guess this mechanism is only trustworthy when only one postag is detected.

Some things could be improved by heavy disambiguation (hard), but in some cases this is plainly impossible, like detecting the difference between the past tense of a verb and the verb itself, when written exactly the same (Yes, that happens).

Yes, I think so.

the fact that ‘vermaken’ has three meanings may not help either.
A. entertain
B. adjust (clothing)
C. (legalese) bequeath through a will.