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Firefox/ Chrome extension that support local server


I remember that 1 year ago I used 01 version of Firefox or Chrome’s addon that support local server of Language Tool. So I can check offline text instead of being online.

Could you please help me to find that version or guide me how to use local sever on Firefox/ Chrome.


This is still possible, just visit the add-ons settings page and set the URL to a local URL (e.g. http://localhost:8081/v2)

Thank you! It still works. My mistake is enter https//localhost:8081/v2

Docking to sidebar.

Could you please modify this extension (Firefox/ Chrome) to dock to sidebar instead of closing every time we click another mouse? (Close on demand only)


It’s not possible yet in Firefox and it won’t be possible in Chrome, so there are no plans to work on this, as I’d like to keep the versions for both browsers in sync.

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