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Firefox Extension: Chrome incompatibilities

Hi there,

I tested the Firefox Addon of LanguageTool and see that this isn’t working for me. After that i clone the source to look where is the problem. After a little search i found this page Mozilla Developer Documentation and the plugin use a lot of the “chrome” namespace instead of the “browser” namespce.

Thanks for your report. However, the add-on works fine here (Firefox 54 and 55) and for many other people. The page you link also says: “As a porting aid, the Firefox implementation of WebExtensions supports chrome and callbacks as well as browser and promises. This means that many Chrome extensions will just work in Firefox without any changes.”

What version of Firefox are you using? What exactly do you mean when you say it doesn’t work?

Have you tried it on a pure text-box or a fancied one?
Most fancied ones use their own font-rendering code, preventing Firefox’s internal spellchecker from even seeing the text.
LT could be having the same problem.

Thank you for your info. I have found out what my problem was. I haven’t start the server with allow-origin. So the popup was trying to send the request and fails with the message “there was a network error”. After that I tested that with curl and that works so that was a little confusing. Then i found the solution by change.