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Flagging token when certain word doesn't appear in same sentence

I want to create a rule that flags the token Catch-22 (but only when capped up) when the word “novel” doesn’t appear anywhere in the same sentence. I thought this would work but it doesn’t.

        <token skip="-1"><exception>novel</exception></token>
        <pattern case_sensitive="yes">
            <token regexp="yes">Catch-22</token>

Just following up my query above, I think I have managed to solve the problem with this rule. I don’t know if anybody has a more elegant solution

<pattern case_sensitive="yes">
    		<token postag="SENT_START" skip="-1"><exception scope="next" regexp="yes">novel</exception></token>
    			<token skip="-1" regexp="yes">Catch-? ?22<exception scope="next" regexp="yes">novel</exception></token>
    		<token postag="SENT_END"><exception scope="current" regexp="yes">novel</exception></token>

@Maximum, this alternative solution uses an antipattern.

<rule id="CATCH22" name="Catch-22">
        <token skip="-1" postag="SENT_START"/>
        <token skip="-1" regexp="yes">novel|book</token>
        <token postag="SENT_END"/>
        <token case_sensitive="yes">Catch-22</token>
    <message>Found it.</message>
    <example correction="">This is a bit of a <marker>Catch-22</marker> situation.</example>
    <example correction="">Did you read the story <marker>Catch-22</marker> last week?</example>
    <example>This is a bit of a <marker>catch-22</marker> situation.</example>
    <example>Who wrote the novel called "Catch-22"?</example>
    <example>Catch-22 is a famous book.</example>

This is really great… thanks.