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for german and english: option like "don't care about capital letters at all"?

i really take care about what and how i write.

however, sometimes i prefer to write by not taking care about the capital letters, which is especially in german an issue.

is there in option where LT takes care about the grammar etc. as used to but simply ignores the capital letter correction?!

this would be amazing :slight_smile:

Yes, there’s a setting for that in the browser add-on (click on the “LT” icon in the browser toolbar):


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When wrongly having all in lowercase, this does not ignore case errors. Is that as desired?

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It seems you’re using the setting of the browser add-on, but are typing into is an editor with its own checks, it is not connected to the browser add-on and its settings.

i looked in the windows app and the deeper settings on the homepage / add-on page of firefox, but not just on the top right toolbar where it is prominently written. thank you for that.

the solution from dnaber is what i needed already. thank you both for for your support!

i use the languagetool for about a month now. i really like it so far.

i was thinking about making premium just to support the project.

just because i got quick reply on my issue, it was such a great “experience”, made me smile, so i just buy premium now for a year :slight_smile:

this is my form of saying thank you.

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Thank you!

when i write in a forum where i deactivated the capital letter check function and i write a word wrong, it gets red underlined. so far so good.

however, when i click on it in order to correct it, the suggested word is in capital letters. so the correction function “forgets” that it should correct the word without making a capital letter at the beginning of the corrected word.

is this bug known?