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For use in Language Courses

I am studying German in University (I am an american with English as my native language.)

Is there a way for me to see the correction instructions in English on German Text? That would be so helpful.

Thank you!

No, that’s not possible. LanguageTool’s errors need to be interpreted (they may be false alarms), so if you cannot understand the error message, you’ll have problems doing that.

I am a native English speaker who lived in France for over twenty five years, in the process learning to speak French as it is spoken on the street, (Je parle tres bien français, trés méchant!) My written French, on the other hand, is abysmal, and believe me, it is not going to help anything like as much as you think it will.

I have a sneaking suspicion you are hoping to run text through an online translation tool, and hope to use LT to tidy up the result. If so, forget it. From time to time, I have tried this with a variety of grammar checkers, and it does not work. Your tutors would find the results hilarious; but you would be embarrassed beyond belief.

I am afraid this is one of those situations where the trusty old textbook and dictionary are your best bet.

In answer to your question, the only way to do it would be to isolate the error messages from the grammar.XML file and translate each message individually. This would give you two grammar.XML files, one in English and the original in German. With a decent text editor, the mechanics of isolating the error messages would not be hard, and it would make an interesting project.