[FR] Adjectives used adverbially after certain verbs

It seems this isn’t a rule that’s been uploaded yet.

From my French textbook:

Lorsqu’un adjectif est employé adverbialement, il reste invariable. (Pour savoir si un adjectif est employé ainsi, on peut le remplacer par un adverbe en -ment, comme gentiment, doucement, malheureusement…).

When an adjective is used as an adverb / adverbially, it remains invariable. To know if an adjective is used this way, we can replace it by an adverb ending in -ment (ly), like gently, lightly, unfortunately, etc.

Les adjectifs qui peuvent être employés adverbialement sont : (the adjectives that can be used as an adverb / adverbially):
bas, bon, cher, claire, court, creux, doux, droit, dru, dur, faux, ferme, fin, fort, franc, gras, gros, haut, juste, lourd, mauvais, net, profond, sec, vrai.

Hello MissB:
Thank you very much for your input.
This is definitely an interesting phenomenon to have a closer look at!
We have added it to our backlog for rule development and will address it shortly.
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