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[FR] suggestions

These are the things that you can improve:

  1. Here are some names you could add to the French language.

  2. bolos” is actually a word: this is a second spelling of boloss.

  3. Add more rules on the punctuation Ponctuation, Tirets, Traits d’unions, Signes moins, Guillemets.

  4. Please add a rule to differentiate words that have two genres.

  5. Improve the rules to differentiate homophones.

  6. Add more cities and more brands.

  7. Eswatini” and “Niue” are countries.

  8. Some words are missing in the French dictionary, such as aa (LOL), qibla… Here is a large list of French words. And here is a list of list of words.

  9. Add some rules for writing numbers.

  10. A rule for the plurals of the colours.

  11. Another suggestion is to give the definition of a word when you double-click.

  12. Add a rule to check if the last character is a space, and if so, remove it.

  13. Add a rule for the “appartenance”.

  14. Improve this rule.

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Oh, and also I don’t have the premium version, so maybe some of the things I suggested already exist.

And here is another thing, names of the “habitants” should be added in the dictionary.

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Hi @destraak,

Thanks so much for the feedback and the input! And also for directing us to reliable sources :slight_smile:

Your input will be integrated into LanguageTool!

I am particularly interested in slang/verlan and other sociolects that are of common usage. We have the most frequently used elements (meuf, ouf, vénère …), but I need to find out which ones we’re not finding yet. “Bolos” is one of those, thank you!!

Thanks again,


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@udomai Yay, thanks, and you’re welcome! :grinning: