Freeze in Thunderbird with long topic


I use LanguageTool in a few configurations, one of them is Thunderbird (102.15) with self-hosted LT server (other also with Premium LT). Recently, I’ve come into a very annoying problem when participants in the conversation use very long signature (circa 4k chars…). After 1-2 emails, when I want to reply, the LT extension starts freezing the Thunderbird. The application is after a few or many more seconds functional again, but every new char brings the problem once more. The email format is text only.

I did a few tests to better understand the problem:

  1. I see that LT extensions is sending a lot of “\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n” to the server right after my message - I assume it’s leftover from removing the citations of previous emails;
  2. switching to a premium account brought no changes;
  3. the problem doesn’t exist in the web browser - either with self-served or with Premium server, the spellcheck results are eventually delayed, but the window isn’t frozen;
  4. I successfully reproduced the problem by sending long messages to myself (although it was still shorter freeze, but I probably didn’t use enough long text);
  5. disabling LT checks solves the problem (but I lose the LT hints as well ;)).

Looking into Developer Tools and trying to debug the extension brought me an impression, that the freeze is before the extension sends a request to the server (although I may be wrong).

I would appreciate it if you were able to fix this, as the LT is really helping me with writing emails :wink:

I’d suggest that maybe the code for removing the previous emails from checked message isn’t working very well with a long text (but perhaps the processing could be eventually stopped after processing X lines of quoting?). Actually, I’d also think about some kind of delay/rate limiting on sending text to the server instead of doing after every char (or maybe it already is, but I just missed it looking for a source of my problem?)

Thanks for the report. Can this be reproduced by opening a new mail and pasting a text that triggers this issue? If so, could you post such a text here?

Hi, are you perhaps using Thunderbird’s plain-text mode? If so, consider switching to HTML mode.

It’s true, I use the plain-text mode, but the HTML-mode is not an option in this particular case.

@dnaber So… I think you scared my LanguageTool. I swear it was annoying me the last two weeks, and I did a few different tries to prevent the issue, but once you asked for a text to copy, I’m no longer able to reproduce it. I swear I could do it before :laughing:

Anyway, if it is like this, I assume it rather was something with my machine. Let’s say it’s solved for now, and I’ll come back if I were able to better isolate and reproduce the issue. Thanks for being interested in solving it :slight_smile:

We recently released an update (8.2.1). Could you check if the problem still happens?