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French - Adding words to the POS tagger in added.txt, doesn't seem to work

Hello all again,
I know I’m asking a lot of questions during these days.
So, this is the today problem:

in my French dictionary file there’s the word —> "voilà"
when I launch the pos tagger —> voilà\null

I tried to add the word in added.txt using tabs (as described in --> voilà voilà A
then I launched again the pos tagger but the result is always “null”.


I’ve just tried this (adding voilà voilà A to added.txt, with tabs) and it works for me. Did you make sure your editor keeps the tabs and doesn’t replace them by spaces? Did you restart LT after that change?

Thank for the reply. I’ll check if my editor keeps tabs (I don’t know how!).

Restart i.e. should I start mvn package again or just quit the windows cmd and restart it ?

For changes in added.txt it’s enough to restart LT, no re-compilation is needed (Lt itself needs to be restarted, not the cmd it’s running in).