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From where dictionary is being picked in spell checker?

I understood that dictionary will be picked up based on this
Language lang = Languages.getLanguageForLocale(Locale.US); langTool = new JLanguageTool(lang);

but I have a doubt regarding dictionary words.
Spell checker is failing on words like geo, India, Calenders, BLue. I feel these are valid words.
Why it is failing?

From your documentation I found this to ignore case but I did not understand where to add this for java(using maven).
<pattern case_sensitive=“yes”>
<token negate=“yes” skip=“1” regexp=“yes”>(?iu)ten </token>
<token regexp=“yes”>one|two</token> </pattern>

Please help to solve these issues.

We are using dictionary from (en_GB) and (en_US)

Thank you. Could you tell me how to make spell check case insensitive in java maven project?

You can add




Thanks for your reply. I Could not understand how to add that property in my project. I am developing this using Java with maven. How can access file and how it will effect in my project?
Could you elaborate more with code?