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German grammar check


language tool does not seem to be working. I am trying to check some German text. Can you help? I am using the box on the first page and selecting German as the language.
Is this a free service or do I have to subscribe? I thought language tools was used in schools

What text have you checked? What exactly do you mean by “not working”? What browser are you using?

When you go into language tool a text box appears that you can change to the language you require checked. I pasted my German text there, but how do you know if it has been checked? It doesn’t appear to update.

I guess your are talking about click the “Check Text” button and then either errors will be marked with colors and you can click on them, or on top of the box you’ll see a message that no errors could be found. If that doesn’t work, please tell me which browser (and which version of it) you are using.

I did click the check text and id didn’t appear to do anything. The browser I am in is

The txt box appears and you choose your language then check text, but nothing happens.

We need to know what browser software you’re using, e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera etc.

Just google