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GermanTagger ignors german article Das

(rabqase) #1

Hi and Hello erverybody,

i have a strange Problem with the GermanTagger. It ignors in a sentence the article “das” when it is the first word and the first sentence of a bunch of sentences.
If the same sentence ist not the first one GermanTagger works correctly.

This Problem occures by many sentences starting with “das” and are first sentences.

Here are two example sentences where the problem occures:

Das Benutzerkennwort muss an einem Terminal des Bibliothekssystems eingegeben werden.
Das Bibliothekssystem muss es dem Bibliothekskunden ermöglichen, ein Benutzerkennwort an einem Terminal des Bibliothekssystems einzugeben.

Thank you for your help.

(Daniel Naber) #2

Thanks for your bug report - what exactly do you mean by “ignore”? Does the sentence contain an error that isn’t detected? Or does the tagger not find that “das” is an article? How do you test, using the stand-alone GUI or using the command line version?

(rabqase) #3

Hello again,

the tagger does not find that “das”. I debugged a bit and found out that the “list” the tagger gets has an element at first that is null and the next element ist the word does which is the first word in the sentence. So the bool value which should check if its the first word in GermanTagger at line 105 is set to false. The second time the if-statement is reached it will not go into it. So the given Tags is null/null.

I use the maven version 2.3.1. of languagetool-de in my own projekt with self defined rules. That worked all really well except that “das”-problem.

Thank you for your help.

(Daniel Naber) #4

Could you maybe make a short Java test case out of this, because I have still a hard time reproducing it.