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Get character to left of cursor

Is there any way to get the character just to the left of cursor?

I guess you’re asking about LT integrated in TinyMCE, aren’t you? In that case this question is probably a better fit for the TinyMCE forum.

From a prior post from someone else.

Hi Daniel,
My app is IE only, and that means today, IE11 (W7, 8.1 & 10) for all practical purposes.
I have searched for hours on the other forums & Google etc. before bothering you
with a TinyMCE related question. (it’s a “range” problem that older TinyMCE has with

I was desperate, (sorry), and needing a little info to help my searches, and now I need
to know more about your future plans a bit too. It seems that many features & possibilities
are not working in the old TinyMCE that LT runs and depends on currently, in IE11.

So please help me with the following questions:

What exact version of TinyMCE does LT use now?

I tried for days to use the [tiny_mce.js] file locally but I could not get it to work. So I am
locked into whatever version LT uses now or may be using in the future.

What are your plans for ever updating the tiny_mce.js, TinyMCE version?

Maybe I should wait a bit until that happens?
Is there any chance that I could use a higher TinyMCE version js Locally?

What kind of notice will developers be given, when and if that ever happens?

Is IE, and specifically IE11, not going to be supported in general, by LT?


It’s 3.5.6

There are currently no plans that I know of.

I make sure Firefox and Chrome work. If IE doesn’t work, I only notice if someone tells me. So I guess this means IE not officially supported.