Getting n-gram data to work in the standalone or OpenOffice versions

I unpacked the English n-grams on my SSD and I tried the three sentences given and got no suggestions to fix it.

I can’t remember how to go their.
I didn’t now where it came from.
Alabama has for of the world’s largest stadiums.

It’s located here:
C:\Langtool ngrams\en\
... \1grams\ ... \2grams\ ... \3grams\

Any suggestions?

What path did you set up for the “ngram data directory” under Tools -> LanguageTool -> Options in OpenOffice? Did you restart OpenOffice after setting the path?

I used C:\Langtool ngrams\ for the path in options and I restarted.

It shouldn’t make a difference, but could you try with a path that has no space in it?

Removed the space but it did not work.

Are you sure you’ve set the text language (in the Character dialog) to English? Do other LT rules work? Do the ngram rules work when you use the stand-alone software (the *.zip you can also download from

I downloaded and unzipped the n-gram data into D:\ngrams-en-20150817. In LT standalone, I selected the ngram data directory. After I clicked ‘Open’, I got an error message (below). LT added ‘en’ to the folder name that I selected.

So, I cannot get the n-gram data to work.

D:\ngrams-en-20150817 must have another directory, so that the actual data (1grams etc.) must be under D:\ngrams-en-20150817\en\. Does that help?

Yes, works fine. Thank you.

Is it possible to create a zip file that contains the \en folder? (And if not, a note on the wiki would be useful.)

I’ve made the error message more verbose instead.

Mentioning this requirement of an extra en folder on the wiki would be helpful. I’m using the latest languagetool extension with LibreOffice and spent around 30 minutes trying to figure out why n-gram didn’t work before reaching this post. There’s no error message in the version 3.5 I downloaded. I’d like to contribute to the wiki but I don’t have permission.


I’ve added it to Finding errors using n-gram data - LanguageTool Wiki