Glitch on Russian page of site: where to report?

Where do I report issues/suggestions for the LanguageTool website? If here, then here are two small ones.

  1. The Russian tutorial on MS Word integration says: Нажмите Получить надстройки Such thing as Получить надстройки does not exist in the Russian localization (at least in Word 2016), it is Магазин.
  2. The page also says: LanguageTool работает во всех основных браузерах, а также в популярных инструментах для работы с текстами, таких как MS Word и OpenOffice. I think, it is better to replace OpenOffice (never existed!) with LibreOffice/Apache OpenOffice.

Thanks! You can report issues at Issues · languagetool-org/languagetool · GitHub or here. We’ll soon have a look.