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Grammar errors not found


Apparently there is a gap concerning the grammar checks in languagetool.
Some examples (which can be reproduced on of sentences
for which no errors are found.

“There is not reason to said that it is wrong.”
“Why would we go there? Why would we go there.”
“What doe you think about this?”
“There id a big difference between them.”
“He has got 2 leg and 3 head.”

So I wondered whether this is a known issue? And are there any plans to improve the grammar checks?

Best regards,

These errors seem to be ‘Dunglish’ a Dutch person trying to write English.

I don’t know about the policies about rules for non-native writers. I will leave that to the maintainers of the English rule set.

Did you see these kind of word-based rules are quite easy to make yourself?

Ruud (maintainer for Dutch).

Error detection rules can be created with and contributions are very welcome. We don’t have a maintainer for English, so progress is very slow unless users contribute rules. More documentation is available at