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"Grammatical problem" is too general a message

(Kumara) #1

I know it’s meant to be short, but I find “Grammatical problem” too general. Hope all rules with this short message can benefit from clearer (though still relatively short) messages.

E.g. for id=“PROGRESSIVE_VERBS”, the existing long message is
This verb is normally not used in the progressive form. Try a simple form.instead.

My suggestion for the short message:
Verb not usually in progressive form

It’s a brief (newspaper headline) version of the long message. With this, the user may understand the reason for flagging right there, instead of clicking further.

(Mike Unwalla) #2

Added to my task list.

(Mike Unwalla) #3

Partly done. Refer to

(Kumara) #4

For rules with suggestions, not giving a more precise idea of the problem is ok actually. It’s only not so user-friendly when the user is simply told “Grammatical problem”.