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Greek grammar support


I made a Greek POS dictionary and the necessary files to integrate it with LanguageTool. I think it would be nice if it was included in LanguageTool by default. I’m willing to maintain all relevant files.

I should note though, that as the data is autogenerated, if there is an error, it should be reported and fixed on the original projects used.

LanguageTool data for greek is here:
Data is generated with this: with data from (there is also a Makefile for help with the generation of data).
Also from you could get a more recent version of the spelling dictionary to use in LanguageTool.

All projects are mine and I can provide you with any license needed.

Steve Stavropoulos

PS. I tried several times to subscribe to languagetool-devel, but with no success. I get a message “Your subscription request has been received, and will soon be acted upon”, but no email is sent to me or anything else.

PS2. If someone is interested, flexy could be used to help generation of POS data for other languages as well, besides Greek.

Hi Steve,

I will migrate your data to the Greek module of LanguageTool. I will work on this when i attend some issues i need to resolve first.

You can select any license you want, because it is data maybe you can use one from creative commons.

Thanks again for your contribution.

Best regards,
Panagiotis Minos

Hi Steve,

thanks for your contribution. About the mailing list: according to the admin interface, you are already subscribed. Are you sure you didn’t get emails? There’s sometimes not much traffic, the latest emails can be checked here:

About the license: as it’s data, I’m not sure if Creative Commons is a good fit. If it doesn’t matter, I’d suggest LGPL (the license used by most of LT).

I was expecting some sort of confirmation email, based on the message I got, but I guess it is ok. I’ll wait for the next list email to see if emails do get through.

Ok, LGPL it is then.

Let me know if it doesn’t work, I’d re-subscribe you manually then.