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Greek rules: "Final n in articles"-rules do not work

(Konstantin Stamatopoulos) #1

Hi Daniel,
Hi all,

I am using LanguageTool almost from the beginning but decided to enter the forum just today. Sorry for that.
I appreciate LanguageTool very much, it is a great tool.

The reason I decided to sign in today is the following:

Some years ago I noticed that some Greek rules do not work properly. At least the “Final n in articles”-rules, as far as I noticed until now.
As far as I could tell, they work correctly only with the integrated example sentences. As soon as you use another sentence, they do not work at all.

Two years ago I tried to solve this problem.
At the time it was too much for me to learn using the rule-editor and the language used in it, so I decided to experiment and play around with the code of the rules involved.
Somehow I managed to make the rules work.
I honestly have no idea anymore how that happened :wink:

After that, my greatest problem was that I had to keep my own grammar.xml file somewhere and after every update of LanguageTool (extension as well as stand alone) I had to put it every time in the respective directory.
I had to do this also for OmegaT, which I use as a translator.
(I had to do this also for the German version, where I added some rules, after copying and modifying similar existing rules.)

You can understand that after a while I found this very annoying and troublesome.

So, today I decided to give the rule-editor one more try with.
After experimenting with Token #2 a bit, I got this:

<!-- Greek rule, 2018-12-08 -->
<rule id=“N” name=“τελικό ν θηλυκού άρθρου (τn → την)”>
<token regexp=‘yes’>(α|ε|ι|η|υ|ο|ω|ά|έ|ί|ή|ύ|ό|ώ|ϊ|ϋ|ΐ|ΰ|κ|π|τ|ξ|ψ|γκ|μπ|ντ|τσ|τζ|a|e|i|o|u|b|d|ch|z|g|k|l|p|q|t|x).*</token>
<message>Το τελικό ν διατηρείται στον γραπτό λόγο, όταν η επόμενη λέξη αρχίζει από φωνήεν ή από ένα από τα: κ, π, τ, γκ, μπ, ντ, τσ, τζ, ξ, ψ. Χρησιμοποιήστε <suggestion>την</suggestion></message>
<short>Πρόβλημα ορθογραφίας</short>
<example correction=’’>Το Σιν Φέιν ψηφίζει υπέρ της συνεργασίας του με <marker>τη</marker> αστυνομία για πρώτη φορά στην ιστορία του κόμματος.</example>
<example>Το Σιν Φέιν ψηφίζει υπέρ της συνεργασίας του με την αστυνομία για πρώτη φορά στην ιστορία του κόμματος.</example>

I pressed “evaluate error pattern” and the rule seems to work now.
After posting this text, I will continue with the rest of the rules which are not working.

What I want to ask you is:

  1. Is Panagiotis Minos still the maintainer of the Greek language? If so, could you please contact me in order to discuss the improvement of the Greek rules?
  2. If that is not the case, how can I submit the corrected or new rules to your development team, so that they can be automatically included in all future versions of LanguageTool?

Thank you all for this great tool and for the help I can find here.

Best Regards


(Daniel Naber) #2

Hi Konstantin, thanks for the rule update. Panagiotis Minos is still the maintainer for Greek. I suggest you post updated rules as an issue at

@pminos Could you have a look at the updated rule?

(Konstantin Stamatopoulos) #3

Hi Daniel,

thank you for responding so fast.
Here is the posting I just made: