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[GSoC] Adding Support for Turkish and Translating


Sorry for the last minute notice, but I just saw LanguageTool and I’m in love with the idea, considering how much I paid to the proprietary services in the past…

Anyway, my name is Bora and I’m a first-year computer science student at The University of Edinburgh. I have done significant amount of programming in the past, which you can see on my GitHub profile, but I’d rather like to add support for my native language: Turkish.

My plan is to first translate the programs (stand-alone app, and browser add-ons) into Turkish, and by doing so to gain a better understanding of LanguageTool, and then initiate the Turkish language support.

My questions are:

  • How happy are you with the idea (would you rather like code contributions)?
  • What would you like to see in my proposal? The plan is quite short and repetitive (sitting down and adding rules one by one), so I’m not sure what should I elaborate on.


Thanks for your interest in LT, but as the deadline is in 3 hours, it’s too late for a quality proposal. Anyway, we would expect code contributions for GSoC. Of course, when contributing outside of GSoC (which would be very welcome), there are almost no restrictions. One thing, though: We don’t translate the UI to a new language - support in form of rules etc. needs to be there first.

Rules and a good dictionary could be good start. I can provide you with a word frequency list for Turkish, as well as a kind of text corpus.

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