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Have generated API but don't know how to implement in Localhost


I need help. Actually I’ve bought the 100/requests per day account. And also have generated my API and the response is 200 & providing absolute result.

Now, I have downloaded the standaloe zip file of LT & ran it by using JAVA command provided in documentation. And calling url: http://localhost:8081/v2/check

But the response is: Error: Missing ‘text’ or ‘data’ parameter
Also I don’t know that where I can use my API credentials to use the tool in my localhost.

Seeking experts response.

If you’ve bought the 100 requests per day plan (the API plan), you’ve bought a service in the Cloud. You cannot use the stand-alone ZIP with the Cloud service. The API plan is meant for developers. If you’re not sure how to use it, please contact our support (see LanguageTool - Imprint for the email address) and ask to cancel and refund your purchase.

Hey @dnaber,
Thanks for your response. No I don’t want to refund. Actually I followed the documentation of dev-panel. Either its cloud based that’s perfect but I don’t know how I can access it. After generating API from where I can use it?

The API is documented at LanguageTool HTTP API. We cannot provide support for integrating it into your software. If you don’t want to integrate it, but just use it as an end user, the API plan is not the product you need, you should buy the premium plan instead.

@dnaber I need some guidance of yours. Like I’m not saying that I want to use it in my software or etc. I just to use it. I have generated API & got 200 response after generating. Now If the API has been developed then where I can use it? How can I make my 100/requests per day.

Please check out LanguageTool HTTP API - if you don’t know how to use it, the API plan is not the product you need. Please contact our support in that case and ask for a refund.