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Headings in documents - False alarms


Headings_PT (26.5 KB)

Headings give false alarms claiming that punctuation is missing at the end of them.

The Portuguese rules also don’t recognise a heading 3 starting, claiming that there is no verb.

See attached PT + GB .docx to see it happening in LibreOffice plus in the add-in for Word.

Headings are always prone for false alarms, because of weird structures. This missing end of sentence was more or less solved in Dutch by an antipattern counting tokens. But even then, some headings are quite long.

Isn’t there a function to detect if a line is a heading?

There must be some kind of property returned by LibreOffice/Word.

That could work when the heading is within heading like styles. But most users do not understand these features and do styling themselves. But being a relatively short line should help.

But, could we have it working 100% for the persons who know how to use headings properly?