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Help adding word to spelling dictionary

I am using the stand-alone version of LanguageTools running under Java on Windows 7x64.

I am attempting to add some words (people’s names) to my dictionary. I’ve tried to read and understand the wikipage describing how it’s done, but my eyes glazed over shortly into it.

From what I gather, I need to add the words to the spelling.txt file in the …resource/en/hunspell folder. I suspect this isn’t a regular text file because when I type it out to a command line window, it lists pre-existing words on their own line. When I open it with notepad, all the carriage returns appear to have been stripped. I tried adding my new words with notepad, saved the file, and then launched LanguageTool. A window popped up chock full of errors and even said there were more errors that it didn’t have enough room to list.

Am I correct that the spelling.txt file is where I need to add new words?
If so, what kind of an editor do I need to edit this file to add the new words?

Yes, that’s the correct file. It can be edited with almost any proper editor (i.e. not notepad), like Notepad++.

I downloaded and tried the Notepad++ editor. That seems to have done the trick.

Thanks for the help.