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Help for simple Exclusion rule in bitext.xml

I have a simple use case that I do not get resolved. I want to check, if terminology in the source has been translated accordingly. I want do do this as follows:

  • Please report Translation Units that have “XXX” in the source and that do not have “YYY” in the target.

When I use the following rule, I get a message for every target token instead of only one message per source occurence of the checked term.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

My example so far:

ribbon Multifunktionsleiste EN: 'ribbon': Change DE: '\1' to 'Multifunktionsleiste' ribbon nicht 'Multifunktionsleiste' riboon Multifunktionsleiste Regards, Jörg

I think that’s just the way the logic currently works: if the source pattern matches, you get the matches of the target pattern as if it was a common rule. I don’t see how to express “a word doesn’t appear anywhere in this sentence” just with pattern rules. You could probably write a simple Java extension using the new “Rule Filter” feature:

Thank you for clarifying. I was hoping to cover this Quality check item without Java programming as I have some experience in XQuery/Xpath and Regular Expressions but have no experience with Java programming.

Thank you very much for your hard work with LanguageTool :slight_smile: