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Help improve the Swedish language.

I would like to help improve the LanguageTool for the Swedish language. But I do not feel that understand how can generate rules and I can not program java, is there anything else could help with e.g. help to correct misspelled names and add alternate spellings for names?

Are there any instructions for non java programmers that I can use to contribute?

For starters, read this page:

You don’t need to be a Java programmer to create rules, but still need to learn something: XML.

Only just enough to be able to make a rule.

I have only seen YouTube video rule page. But I experience there that she just set up unique rules for each word and not group of word? Have I misunderstood it and is there any more detailed guide for creating rules? It some more information about Regular expressions?

If I want to create a rule e.g. several errors at the same time all errors.

I see lot of many names are registered as incorrect, it is possible to add them to the list as they work in the same way as other names. Or do need create rule every name?

You can add simple words and phrases that should be accepted to the file sv/spelling.txt.

I suspect, such a guide doesn’t exist. Or, maybe, Daniel is keeping it top secret :smiley: The only way I found is to examine existing rules (of similar languages) and trying to copycat.

Please see

Thank you. I saw that sv\hunspell\spelling.txt was pretty empty in the Swedish language.

List some examples of words that interpreters would fit well here in the spelling.txt for Swedish. Do I update list on repo or send to someone for update?

English word = Swedish word
Stadia = Stadia
Schuman = Schuman
Capitoline = Kapitolinska
Aachen Treaty = Aachenfördraget
Élysée Treaty= Élysée-fördraget
Schuman Declaration = Schumandeklarationen

You could phrase in English what you would like tje rule to do, and I may be able to teach you how to make a rule for that.

But a good start would be to download or checkout LT and have a look at grammar.xml for swedish.

That page

says, Swedish is among the languages that have no current maintainer. Thus, no one to send suggestions to.

Thanks. Ok, I hope someone takes on that task soon. Personally, I feel far too insecure to be able to take on such a task.

You can open an issue here with a list of words, we will then add them:

Perfect I have started to add words to a personalspelling.txt while I use LanguageTool. When I have a bigger list will do that.

Must say that LanguageTool is very good for Swedish. Something that irritates me is that.

At moment is not can handle shortening like “t.ex.” because write with dot on and even if sentence is not finish yest. There are a lot of this type of shortening in Swedish. But there are also some shortening with dot end sentence then a new meaning starts capital letter.

Is it possible to add a list of all abbreviations in some file. If user hooves over it they see complete word and click on it, and it will be written out? Is this done with the XML ruls?

Abbreviations would need to be added to segment.srx (which doesn’t have a section for Swedish yet, that would need to be added first).

To expand abbreviations, rules could be written that match the abbreviation and offer the expanded version as a suggestion.

Ok, guess it same as Danish but this string instead for Sweidsh.


<!-- Danish abbreviations - These can appear at the end of sentence, so watch out for the next letter: it      shouldn't be uppercase. -->
<rule break="no">