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High CPU load (on high load) -- standalone java server

(Mike Keskinov) #1

Hello, all,

I downloaded LT Java standalone server and run a simple load test on one of our servers (Intel Xeon, 8 cores, 2.33 GHz, 2 processors, 16Gb RAM). I run LT server with default parameters. I wrote a javascript which hit the server in a loop.

The results is not as good as expected. With 2 request per second, the server loaded about 12%, with 9 req/sec, the load is over 60%.

Is any way to improve the performance of Java server? Any settings I can try? Or may be use different server type (python?) for higher load?

Thank you for you advice!


(Daniel Naber) #2

Hi Mike,

in the properties file that you can specify with --config filename, you can set cacheSize=3000 to activate caching. When starting the process, you should also specify -Xmx to give Java enough memory. Maybe try with -Xmx1000m. Other than that, performance depends on the languages you’re checking.


(Mike Keskinov) #3

Thank you dnaber, it helped a lot. I also installed 64 bit Java instead of 32-bit which allow me to set Xmx as high as 8000m (with 32 bit you can set 1024 max only).

(Daniel Naber) #4

Unless you check huge texts, 8GB should never be needed. On heavy load and with many languages in use, try -Xmx2G.