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High CPU load (on high load) -- standalone java server

Hello, all,

I downloaded LT Java standalone server and run a simple load test on one of our servers (Intel Xeon, 8 cores, 2.33 GHz, 2 processors, 16Gb RAM). I run LT server with default parameters. I wrote a javascript which hit the server in a loop.

The results is not as good as expected. With 2 request per second, the server loaded about 12%, with 9 req/sec, the load is over 60%.

Is any way to improve the performance of Java server? Any settings I can try? Or may be use different server type (python?) for higher load?

Thank you for you advice!


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Hi Mike,

in the properties file that you can specify with --config filename, you can set cacheSize=3000 to activate caching. When starting the process, you should also specify -Xmx to give Java enough memory. Maybe try with -Xmx1000m. Other than that, performance depends on the languages you’re checking.


Thank you dnaber, it helped a lot. I also installed 64 bit Java instead of 32-bit which allow me to set Xmx as high as 8000m (with 32 bit you can set 1024 max only).

Unless you check huge texts, 8GB should never be needed. On heavy load and with many languages in use, try -Xmx2G.