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Homepage relaunch

Hi, we have just relaunched and also merged it with We tried hard to keep all links working - please report any issues you see with the new website.

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While its border shows up, the on-site checker itself seems to be gone.
second, the language drop-down box at the bottom of the site doesn’t do anything.

on waterfox (classic)
Die Sprache ist automatisch auf Englisch(USA) gestellt, obwohl ich die deutsche Seite aufgerufen habe.
Bitte nachbessern, sonst ist mir auf dem ersten Blick nichts aufgefallen.

Das kann ich noch nicht nachvollziehen. Welchen Browser benutzt du? Passiert das auch, wenn du ein Private/Incongito-Fenster benutzt?

Which version of Firefox is this based on? If it’s older than Firefox 78 (ESR), we don’t support it anymore.

it’s (to my knowledge) a hybrid of 56 and the more recent versions.

Webbrowser Mozilla Firefox 83.0 64 Bit Version

Im Private/Incongito-Fenster wird deutsch erkannt, im normalen nicht.
Links Normal | Rechts Private/Incongito-Fenster

Wenn du einmal manuell auf Deutsch umstellst, sollte das ab dann immer automatisch ausgewählt sein.

Jep, wird jetzt gespeichert. Beim ersten Mal wollte die Homepage das nicht.

On the Russian language page, instead of “ВычиткаAPI”, it is better to write “API” or “Proofreading API” or “Программный интерфейс”.

Thanks Yakov, I will fix that.

I didn’t find a link to the standalone version of LT ( Is there a link?


" Liberte o escritor profissional que há em sim com LanguageTool Premium"

It is “que há em si” and not “em sim”.

And: “com LanguageTool Premium”
“com o LanguageTool Premium”
the “o” is missing

Was it me who translated this sentence?

Sorry, not yet, but we’ll re-add it in a few days (for those looking for the link, the files are at

We could also have a link for the nightlies.

@marcoagpinto Thanks! No it wasn’t you, we sent this to external translators because we needed the results fast and it was too much work for someone to do in their free time.

So, this is correct now, isn’t it? “Liberte o escritor profissional que há em si com o LanguageTool Premium”



I am about to create a rule for the grammar mistake “sim” instead of “si”.

I am testing it against a 200 000 corpus.

You’re right, we’ll add that on the dev page ( shows all the messages in Ukrainian but the sample text in English (I suspect that’s what reported for German before)