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How can I mark my post as "solved"?

(Ricardo Lapesa) #1

Hi!, sometime ago I wrote a post and quickly the isuue was fixed. Now I've seen in my account board (Activity section) that I can accept solutions so the post will be marked as "Solved". As the solution proposed was right for me, now, how can I mark it as solved? Thankx!

(Jan Schreiber) #2

Not sure, but it looks as if a plugin for the forum software is required for that.

(Ricardo Lapesa) #3

Yes! What you say seems to be right (fantastic plugin!), but this forum doesn't have such add-on... It's a pity :disappointed:
However, I've seen in others forums how people solve this issue: They change the post title and precede it with "[SOLVED]"... but I donĀ“t know how to do that in an old post; the system doesn't allow this change. We'll stand waiting some better idea! Thankx!