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How could I convert small letters into capital letters after period?

Hello Everyone

I am trying to convert small letter into a capital letter in English grammar such as I am a beginner in language tool. i want…
as you can see in the above line the letter i is small after a period, it should be in a capital letter such as I want…

How can I make rule for that problem?
Thanks in Anticipation

This is already detected; Try a full sentence at

Yes it’s detected but i want to write a rule for myself
how can i Write a rule for this problem?

Why write a rule if there is no need to? If it is to build some knowledge, okay. Check out the SENT_START postag and the wiki on case conversion.

actually I am working on my research so I need to build rule for that problem and needed to be add in my code. That’s I am looking for a rule, could you please help me out with basic example? is quite clear. Try using something like this

<token postag="SENT_START"/>
<message>Change to <suggestion><match no="2" case_conversion="startupper"/></suggestion></message>

This example will only do i=>I; but it could easily do other words as well. That’s why it says startupper, not allupper.

But it might help, like I told before, to give some background to what you are asking.

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Many Thanks Ruud!
Sure, I’ll try to elaborate the problem with some screenshots.


Check the previous post once more. I made a mistake in the editor, Now the code shows.

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Hi Ruud

I have fix that problem, converting small letter to upper letter, but now I am stuck on next point. My next task is to target the word, when I try to change letter of word such as the sentence ended at “depression. Relief” i want relief word as I mentioned in quotation but i am getting the small letter of word relief, it gives me error, it shows nothing please help me out where I am making a mistake? could you please help me out with code example? You gave last time code example it was really helpful for me,


You should first test with complete sentences, not just some fake word combinations.

LT has a built-in sentence tokenizer, that splits text into sentences. So in your example are 2 bad sentences…

What is it you are trying to do. Not with this rule specificly, but using LT at all? What are you using it for?

Hi Ruud

As I told you before I am working on my research project so I need it to use it in my research.
I am trying to do but not getting out with full sentences as well could you please give me basic example of code as you helped me last time?


What is the relation between LT and you research?

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Since it is completely unclear what you want to achieve, it is hard to help. Doing tesearch in e.g. chemistry does not imply adding rules to LT.

There is no need to make rules for LT when you are only editing text. Only when you want to improve it, or work on a new language. But as far as I understand, you are doing neither. So what is it all for?

I need to make a small LT compiler by using these basic rules

If you tell me which rules are needed, I could help.

Many thanks!
I have also sent you hangout invitation on Gmail

Of course.

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