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How do I add confusion rule description?

With the confusion rules in Java, the documentation says:
Line format:

# <word1>; <word2>; <factor>   # optional comment
#   <word1> and <word2> are words that can easily be confused
#   <description> will be used in the error message to explain the word (optional)
#   <factor> is the factor of how much more the other word must be more
#            probable so the text is considered potentially incorrect.

Where do I put the description that the user will see (if, for example, I want to explain why the system thinks it should be brake rather than break, how do I put in a message into the line?

brake;break;1000000 # p=0.999, r=0.702, 111+998, 3grams, 2015-12-10

You should put descriptions into the word_definitions.txt file.