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How to avoid such warnings

The following text gives 2 errors. Anynway to avoid such warnings:
“The tax reform is going to stimulate the economy in a way we haven’t seen in decades. Before the ink was even dry, AT&T, Comcast, and Fifth Third Bancorp all announced $1000 bonuses for their employees.”

You need to add those words (Comcast and Bancorp in this case) to your dictionary. How to do so, depends on how you’re using LT - via API, Java, browser add-on etc.?

Thanks Daniel.
I am using via api. I am more interested in how to ignore all cases where it can’t find entity name tokens like in this example. It looks like it doesnt recognize many company or other entity names. I would like to put in code with something like
If spelling warng and first letter is capitalized than ignore.
Would that work?

You could use a rule in disambiguation.xml that ignores all uppercase words, but that’s dangerous of course, as it might miss real errors. See

Thanks. I am not hosting an api and using languagetool api directly. Is there a way to enable that as part of api call

No, you’ll need to filter the results manually.