How to configure macOS app to use local self-hosted server

I’ve recently discovered LanguageTool, great product and execution!

I’m trying to see what I can do to get the macOS app to use my local self-hosted server instead of the default public one.

Note that I know how to do this in the Safari extension, but ultimately I’d like to configure this system-wide to make sure that not even when I use the editor or the future Apple apps integration (now in beta) my text is being sent to the API.

How can this be done? If it cannot be done, can we add support for it?

Likewise, do we have a way to configure Google LanguageTool to work with a local self-hosted server?

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For the non-beta desktop app (the one at, this is not possible because the self-hosted LanguageTool can only check your text, but not store it.

Likewise, do we have a way to configure Google LanguageTool to work with a local self-hosted server?

We recommend using the browser add-on with Google Docs (not the “old” add-on which opens a sidebar).

I’m not following, why can the macOS app not be made to talk to a local server? If it’s checking text, it’s sending it over the wire to, correct?

The Mac app (the one that has the editor) doesn’t just check text, it also stores it on the server. The local server can only check text, not store it.

Since you mentioned this is not possible for the non-beta app, may I ask if it is feasible in any way for the beta one? I have it installed from LanguageTool - Grammar Checker for macOS and there is no option to specify own server URL. Would appreciate the advice, thanks.

Sorry, it’s not possible yet, but I have forwarded your request to the developers.

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I am also very interested in this feature.

The browser integrations are top-notch! Not only that, but I would be happy to pay a one time fee to enable if it becomes available in a release. Thank you.

+1 The feature would be amazing and very important regarding the high privacy requirement of some worker (including me).

I’m going to throw this out there. I’m coming from a perspective of having worked on open source teams at a couple of organizations.

I completely understand the need to make Language Tool a viable commercial success.

As an end user, I’d be more than willing to pay to “unlock” the Mac app such that I could use my self-hosted, and open source, language-tool server; I’m fully willing to accept the operational support burden doing so would cause.

wait why does LT need to store my Personal texts,

Also I am quite often in locations without internet that is why I need to be able to use local server.

I was talking about the LT editor. It’s the idea of an editor to store texts.