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How to disable a specific rule ID?

It is possible to disable entire categories, but I don’t see a way how to disable a specific ID?!/default/post_check

f.e. I want to disable the ID “SEHR_GEEHRTER_NAME” but it looks I can only do this if I disable the entire “GRAMMAR” category.

Is the only solution there to remove the XML for the rule within the grammar.xml file before I launch the server?

For now I just implemented that we ignore any matches related to this rule ID

You can use disabledRules=... in the API call to disable specific rules. You can also use disabledRuleIds in the properties files when you start the server (call java -jar languagetool-server.jar for usage help).


is there also a way to disable an entire category via in the API I see disabledCategories but this doesn’t seem to have an equivalent in

No, there’s no such option yet.