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How to disable "This sentence does not start with an uppercase letter" xxz

I’m trying to skip the verification that checks if a sentence starts with a capital letter. I could not find that specific rule in the grammar.xml file (for ES). If I uncheck this option using the GUI, the check is not included while using the GUI - but if I use LT in server mode, I still get results for missing uppercase letters at the beginning of a sentence.

What’s the file I need to modify to change this? Why LT behaves differently when you run the GUI and when you run it as server?


The server cannot be configured, but you can send with every request which rules to disable, like this:


Thanks, Daniel.
I’m actually using LT from Okapi’s Checkmate, so I believe there’s no way to change the request. Do you know if this is possible?

Actually, if you start the server from the GUI and check “Use above settings for the server” the GUI settings should be active for the server, so what I said above wasn’t totally accurate. Or did you try that?

Yes, I did, but apparently the “Use above settings for the server” has no effect. We tested this in more than one computer. It looks like if you run LT as a server, all the Options from the GUI are ignored. That’s why I was trying to find out if this could be done by, say, commenting out some rule.

There’s indeed a bug. I’ll put that on my TODO list. Anyway, you cannot disable this very rule by editing a file because it’s a Java rule, not a rule that appears in an XML file.

The bug (“Use above settings for the server” being ignored) should now be fixed, i.e. the fix should be in tomorrow’s snapshot at;O=D. Please let me know if it works for you.

Daniel, my colleagues have tested this and apparently works perfectly.
Thank you so much for taking action so quickly. This will definitely help us get better results from LT.