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How to enable Polish language in LT plugin for browser?

How to enable Polish language in LT plugin for browser?

The text language should be detected automatically. It helps if your browser is also configured to accept Polish. If it still doesn’t work, please send us an example text where language detection doesn’t work.

If the text you check is Polish, the results will be shown in Polish. If your text is Russian but gets detected as Polish, please send us the input text you use LanguageTool with. Maybe the wrong language is detected.

It correctly detects the language Russian, but only gets partial information in Polish, does not get complete information about checking e.g. grammatical errors and spelling!
Again: Please see the text with information in the link in this picture! What you see? Russian!

I just want full spelling check information only in Polish, even if I check all supported languages in the world in LT.

I said:

The same is true for Russian. For Russian text, the messages about the errors will be in Russian. That’s the way LT works, there’s no way to change that.

And how to copy this information, sometimes even longer information, to translate, for example, to
Selecting text doesn’t even work, what about copying?

Hi @nnina084, I can check if we can enable text selection.

how to corpy?

Selecting text will work with the next version. Please wait 1-2 weeks.