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How to generate DLL for LanguageTool.jar using IKVM

(njs123) #1

I want to use LanguageTool.jar in my .NET application.
for this purpose I am using IKVM ( to build DLL file from jar file.

my command is as follows:
ikvmc -target:library -out:LanguageTool.dll LanguageTool.jar

Above command generates dll file successfully
but unfortunately it does not embed the resources into my dll.

It seems that the dll is not importing the language files and rules defined in org/languagetool/rules and org/languagetool/resources

I tried following command too but it wont work:
ikvmc -target:library -out:LanguageTool.dll -resource:org/languagetool/rules=org/languagetool/rules/ -resource:org/languagetool/resources=org/languagetool/resources/ LanguageTool.jar