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How to ignore words that start with $$


My content include LaTex equations that are within $$. I would like LT to ignore all words that are within $$.

Is there a config or rule that can ignore words that are within certain characters like “$$”.



No, LanguageTool only works on plain text. You should consider using a LaTex editor with support for LanguageTool, like TeXstudio.

Hi Daniel,

Thank you for your quick reply.

I won’t be able to use any other editor due to infrastructure constraint at the moment.

Is there any workaround to handle this use-case



If you’re using LO/OO then you could set the language of the formula to ‘none’. (will still cause issues at times but it works for the most part)

You could add a disambiguator rule immunizing the word after 2 dollar signs. The development wiki has info on making disambiguator rules.