How to install GitHub's version of Language Tool?


I downloaded GitHub ver. at and put in my XAMPP. However, as I enter my local page at http://localhost/lang/www/ I just saw following page:

I could not check grammar with my local page and I could not enter rule editor page at:http://localhost/lang/www/ruleeditor/ (always redirected to

Please help me to install correctly!


The page looks broken because the paths are wrong, as the page assumes it’s in the top-level of the webserver, i.e. http://locahost, not http://locahost/lang/www. So you either need to put it in the top-level web directory or you configure a virtual server whose top-level directory is the directory where you have put LT. I don’t know XAMPP, so I cannot tell you how that is done.

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BTW, by default this will contact to run the actual checking. If you don’t want that, you need to change languagetool_rpc_url here.

I tried to do as following

1/ copy whole unzipped content to my top-level web directory

2/ Enter http://localhost/www/ , the homepage was loaded very well.

3/ My problem now is that I cannot enter text into text area because it seems dont have a text edit area here which should be included in stage-head.php as in the picture below:

4/ I think the path to checkform.php is incorrect, so I changed to …/checkform.php (just jump up one level from stage-head.php and see checkform.php). I got this error, however.

BTW, for Rule Editor page as in Could you please tell me where I can download the source code to make my own.

Thank you!

I think this might be a Javascript issue instead, I suggest you undo your change and use F12 to get to the console in your browser so you can see if there are JS errors.

The source code is at GitHub - languagetool-org/languagetool-community-website: the website, but it’s not PHP and more difficult to set up. You’d need to set up Grails and compile the code.

Thank you!