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How to install LanguageTool for the selected language(s)

I do not know Chinese or Italian, hence I do not need any assistance for these languages as well.
How can I install LT with very specific languages (such as EN-GB, EN-US) to reduce the load on the system?
LT should have the option to exclude the languages that I do not require.

Sorry, that’s not possible.

The only load is the disk space used. If you’re very short on disk space, you could remove org/languagetool/resource/XX, with XX being the language you don’t need. But that will only save you a few MB.

Thanks, @dnaber, but could we not make an English only package for the casual users those who never need any language assistance other than The English Language?

Putting English into some special position is something I’d like to avoid. I also don’t see a problem with LT’s disk usage - it’s not small, but by today’s standards not huge either.

Never even realised I said that, frankly! Sorry, if unintentionally disappointed someone. But everybody does not need everything. LT should have the option to install/remove the selected language(s).

Again, LT is going to be ported to Android devices someday. It’s written in JAVA and I can’t see the reason why it can’t be ported to android as a native app with a writing pad. I know there is a server-client based version that does not work offline, but I’m not speaking about that. A native application would eat up too much space in a space constrained mobile device if it tries to preserve every possible language checker database and surely be a burden on the device on which it will be installed. I was only talking about this type of problems.
So please reconsider to include this feature to LT.

An installer like the one in LibreOffice would be ideal. I would like to see that, and, I believe that many others would but, there needs to be someone able to do it, and, willing to spending their time developing that feature.

Part of the problem is that I am not acquainted with Java and never had the desire to learn that particular Programming Language that does not interest me much. By now, I realise that we need more developers those who can develop some third party tools for data mining with a certain level of Artificial Intelligence to automate the ‘rule development process’ within an effective time cycle. Those third party tools should be developed to assist LT, so, these tools may be written in C or something else. And, last but not least, we need more urge from the developer’s corner. We are really in need of a perfect writing assistance, which will be free and open, to speak for our ‘freedom of expression’.