How to integrate LanguageTools in Adobe RoboHelp

RoboHelp has the possibility to integrate third-party tools for Grammar-/Spell-Check.
The integration will take place with an API-Key and an Endpoint site.

Unfortunately there is no username and the validation went wrong : Invalid credentials.

Does anyone knows how to implement LanguageTools here in RoboHelp?

I guess you’ll need to ask the RoboHelp support about this. The fact that there’s no username indicates that this was not made to support LanguageTool. Isn’t RoboHelp a web-based software so that you could use the LanguageTool browser add-on?

thanks for the fast response.

RoboHelp is supporting Third Party tools with delivering the API Key and the direct communication. It is a installation and not web-based.

Is it possible to logon to LanguageTools without username? E.g. like DeepL.
Or is there a special phrase working like @username@apikey?

No, you need the combination of username and api key.