How to limit firefox addon to only check one language.

I need the help for writing in french, but not english. How do I get it to only check one of the two languages? Similarly, is there a way to hide the widget? I really don’t want to see the addon unless I am writing incorrectly in french. Thanks in advance.

That’s not possible, but the add-on should properly detect the language automatically once you have entered enough text (> 15 characters or so). You can’t hide the widget if you want your text to be checked, you can only turn it off, but that will also turn off checking.

Thanks. I wanted it different because grammar checking tools invariably nitpick unless you follow their specific advice precisely, which is annoying unless it’s providing proper help (ie less familiar language). I just find the colors distracting in general but I guess I can simply turn it off outside where I use french.