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How to make spelling check case insensitive in languagetool?

I have gone through this link to find out solution but I could not understand.

I did not understand where do I need to add these properties in my project. I am doing it in java with maven.
Please post some code snippet. I am new to language tool. So, I could not understand from document.

Please help me. I am looking forward for solution.

I tried this but not working.

 for (Rule rule : langTool.getAllActiveRules()) {			
    if (!(rule instanceof SpellingCheckRule)) {
   if (rule instanceof SpellingCheckRule)
	System.out.println(((SpellingCheckRule)rule).isConvertsCase());  //returns true

Example failed words: BLue, THis, rosetta (actual word in dictionary is Rosetta)
Please help me.


This is very important for me. I have been waiting for solution. Please help me to solve this.
@Yakov @dnaber