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How to run langiuagetool as a server on windows?

(Muskatnuss) #1

I’m trying to install Languagetool on my Desktop an use the Firefox Plugin with it.

If I enter languagetool.tar into the windows autostart I got after every start the gui which I have to hide manually. If I enter the Server I got a Terminal window that I mustn’t close because the server itself also get closed then.

How could I run the server correct?

(Daniel Naber) #2

You can probably start languagetool.jar with option -t so it doesn’t start the GUI but goes directly to the system tray.

(Muskatnuss) #3

Thanks a lot! that was it.

There is a lack of information about how to use Languagetool.
Please enhance the Documentation ->

Thanks for this great tool

(richyz) #4

If you’re running a languagetool server for the purposes of serving web pages (or similar):

Another option might be to create a batch (.bat) file with your startup options, and then run and schedule it with Windows “Task Scheduler”. At first, I was trying to do this with a Windows Service, but then realized that was much more difficult than the “Task Scheduler”.

Or if there’s a better way, feel free to let me know. But, this is working pretty well so far.