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How to submit pull requests for rules


I have an example that is not detected by the LT basic plugin in Firefox.

Example that is missing a question mark:
Can you help me.

This error (change period to question mark) is not detected in LT (I also tested in the community rule checker). If I write the XML, can I submit a pull request to have the rule expanded/added? Or is there another code submission process to have the rule checker extended, either for the community (preferred) or locally? Is this submission process only available for premium?

Also, how can I tell what rules (via the rule checker list) are in the basic vs. premium version? Ideally, Iā€™d like to share a snippet of text and see what the premium version catches, but I can also piece it together if I can tell which rules are basic vs. premium.

Thank you!

Hi Valerie, rule contributions via pull request are welcome. I recommend checking your rule at first. The rules listed at are Open Source rules only. If you contribute more often, you can get a free Premium subscription.

Thank you, Daniel!

The rule editor is very useful.


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I agree.

I have worked on this rule this morning, and created a pull request at Please let me know if I have missed any key elements or submission guidelines, since it is my first PR to this project. Thank you!