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How to translate some strings on LanguageTool website?

There are a few strings on LanguageTool website which I do not know how to translate.
For example, going to the French page
I do not know how to translate the strings:

  • “Instant and free” in the button to check text
  • “compare editions” and “more integrations” next to “Télécharger” (= Download)
  • the top menu which has strings like “Home”, “Forum”, “Add to Firefox”, “Development”
  • the bottom of the page which has strings like “License & Source Code”, “Get announcements via email”, etc.

A few things which are translated also don’t look good in the French page and I do not know how to fix them:

  • Text has a newline in the yellow download button where it says “v3.8, 100 MB, Nécessite Java 8+” because the string is a bit longer than the English one.
  • The string at the top which says “LanguageTool est un correcteur grammatical libre pour le français et plus de 20 autres langues.” also has a newline which looks ugly (because it’s a bit longer than the English string)

I’ve looked up abbreviations of Nécessite.
only thing I could find was Nécess.
It gives us: “v3.8, 100 MB, Nécess Java 8+” (only one letter longer than the english version, so it should fit) but I’m not sure on the accuracy.

“LanguageTool est un correcteur grammatical libre pour:” followed by a (partial) summation of the supported languages on the second line. (while this changes the flow of the text compared to the english version, it should be much easier to read.)
(best to let this be done by someone who actually knows French)

Using such abbreviation, which is uncommon, would be bad.
The button should rather scale the size of the text, without having to use a workaround to make the translation shorter.

But if we need to change the text, then I might remove the word “Nécessite” i.e the page will show “v3.8, 100 MB, Java 8+”.

I’ve added some variables here. The other strings will either change soon, or I don’t think it makes sense to add them now: I’d like to use weblate instead of transifex in the future, this will be a good time to use a real i18n system for the homepage, just like for the Java source code.