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How to uninstall LT from MS-Word?

LT appears in Word and works. However, it is not listed anywhere:

  • not in the Add-ins list of Word,
  • not in the programs list in Windows,
    and it has no unistall command available either. It seems it has been deliberately programmed to not allow its unistall at all without tricks and workarounds, which is by itself a reason to uninstall it.

Pls. advise how one can uninstall it from a Windows 10 Home system/MS-Word. Thanks.

For me, the add-on appear at Insert → Add-ons.

We never before had a report of the add-on being installed but not listed, so I’m not sure how to debug this. Which version of MS Word do you use?

I use the newest Office 365.
It is so strange because there is no trace of it except in the Word ribbon from which I can use it.
The other strange thing: LT is advertised as free use with premium. I can only use it to check one pragraph of a document at a time. For more it says that these features are not free.
When installing it, I downloaded it from the MS store. This is how it looks in Word:
LT-add-in in ribbon

Yes, that’s a limitation of the free version. But you can also upload your document to, correct mistakes, and download it again without losing its formatting.

Yes, I know, I detected that. But first I want to unistall it from my MS Word. That is the difficulty. I do not want to uninstall and reinstall Office only to get rid of this one LT add-in. There must be a way to do that, if not, the authors should write an uninstall procedure to install in order to remove it. If this information spreads, that it cannot be removed after installation, then no one will install it anymore if it is impossible to get rid of it. This is not a minor flaw.

I suggest you contact Microsoft support about it, as I don’t think there’s anything we can do. There’s no installation or deinstallation code in the add-on, as Word takes care of that. We never had any reports about this issue before.

Thanks, I will try MS. But will they answer? Where does one pose such a question to MS? Do you know?

Hello Romy

Did you find any solution about the uninstallation of the add-on?
I have exactly the same problem with MS Word.
I’m using MS Office Professional Plus 2021
Any help would be appreciated.

Best regards

Yes, I did and it was so easy: it was the solution that [dnaber] indicated above on
[Aug 6]: “For me, the add-on appear at Insert → Add-ons.”

Before I looked at the llist of Add-Ins under Options, thinking the two are the same. But they are not. There it is not listed. So the two Add-in lists differ. They should be the same. But they are not. There lies the problem: in the inconsistent handling of Add-ins lists by MS.

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Thank you, Romy, for your help.

It was so simple, but they made it confusing, having two similar but different lists!

Best regards