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How to use both en-GB and en-US for spell checking

java -jar languagetool-commandline.jar -l en-US englishfile.txt
The above command uses only US english for spell checking. I would like to use both en-GB and en-US. Is there a way out?

In OpenOffice I work with some mixed-language files, and there LT seems to work with them as long as there is a clear distinction between the various languages.
EG: first three lines are American English narration, lines 4, 6 and 8 are the American bartender’s half of dialog, 5 7 and 9 are the Old Chap from Yorkshire’s half of the dialog who ends with a “Cheerio!” as he goes back to the hotel.

may not be what you want, but it’s how I do it.

Not without developing your own Language class that has a spelling rule that combines the spelling rules of the two languages, I think.

That’s pretty clever, could you point me to a good guide that can get that done? Is it possible to use this command with the free version? (adding a new language)

It’s not a command, it requires development effort on Java.

Ok so is this Java code available for anyone to use?

The code is at

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