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How to use this tool

(Nishith) #1

I want to use this tool as server java application. Can any one guide me how to use this tool?

(Daniel Naber) #2

Using LanguageTool via HTTP is documented at

Using the Java API is documented at

Let us know if you have specific questions.

(Nishith) #3

i want to use this tool in following manner:

  1. this tool will be called from our server to your server and we will pass text as argument.

hence i want URL by which we can request to your tool with text specified as GET or POST parameter and we get XML in return

I want to use it as stand-alone application. in that starting from GUI. I want more information about this

(Daniel Naber) #4

Our public API is documented at If you’re trying to use the desktop stand-alone tool, but make it send requests to our server via HTTP: that’s currently not supported.

(Nishith) #5

thank you for your help. Can you do me one favor that i want to know basic format of XML which is returned as response? (in use for parsing it)
If you can provide link then it will be better.

(Daniel Naber) #6

See, it contains a link to the DTD.

(Nishith) #7


We are planning to use your tool by running server on our localhost using “languagetool-server.jar” file. We have started and its working successfully but it only recognizes grammar errors and not spell errors but the same text if i use with your remote API call then it shows both of the error. So I want to know is there anything to be setup for checking grammar and spell in our localhost server?

waiting for your reply…

(Nishith) #8

How to validate text from rich text box… means validation of html content?

(Daniel Naber) #9

For spell checking to be active, make sure to use a language code like “en-US”, not just “en”. If that doesn’t help, please post the URL you’re using.

(Daniel Naber) #10

Feel free to dig into the text box and Javascript at - it uses TinyMCE for the text component, but we basically disabled all rich-text features. LanguageTool needs plain text as input, so HTML needs to be filtered first.