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HTTP server for checkBitext()

Hi, I want to try checking bilingual texts in my personal HTTPS Server
(“java -jar ./languagetool-server.jar --config ./config.yml” I use this command start my server in Linux). But it seems can’t work. The JSON I posted have four keys(“srctext”、“text”、“mothertongue”、“lang”) according to this page


HTTP Server

Use the standard format of the query: specify your source segment text as srctext parameter, your target segment as text, source language as mothertongue, and target language as lang.

The configuration file must be a properties file, i.e. key/values like this:


You also haven’t explained what exactly doesn’t work, i.e what error message do you get?

Hi DeminYe,

Are you sure the LT https server supports bitext? See: LanguageTool Plug-in open beta for SDL Trados Studio

However, if you succeeded with bitext, please let me know I am very interested in this.

I’m not found the bittext function of HTTPS server, but a HTTP server I have built by JAVA API of LT, Like this: